Iron Girl Triathlon – Sandy Hook NJ

Sandy Hook NJ was the location of the 10th annual Iron Girl Traithlon. My girls and I went to support my wife who was a participant. Having never been to a race I was always perplexed as to what a spectator would get from watching a snippet of a race that was run mostly, from the spectators view, out of site. It seemed like it would be the equivalent of watching a couple of points in a tennis match and heading home. What’s the use?

Standing a few yards from the finish line and watching the participant closing in on the finish line I instantly understood. In the world of virtual accomplishments and ethereal “progress” these races are flesh and bone accomplishments. The emotional look on the racers’ faces and the screams from the crowed were intoxicating. I blush at saying this but it made me misty eyed. Surely most of them didn’t have heroic stories behind their acomplishment but standing there at the finish line it sure felt like it. Great job girls!

triathlon sand hook nj